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Architecture in Texas


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Timeline of Architecture in Texas
BY: SM Early settlers brought to Texas their cultural values and traditions. These values and historical civilization features were reflected through the settlers’ survived architectural achievements. Texas architecture compromises diverse structures and legacy from the Spanish colonies to the European expenditures to the Anglo pioneers’ log cabins. The architecture of Texas through the centuries has indeed outlined the cultural history and gave the state a unique Texan identity. Texas architecture can be organized into six periods: Indian, Spanish colonial-Mexican, Republic-antebellum, Victorian, and Early twentieth century Modern [1]. The earliest Indian-Native American, nomadic or Indigenous people were divided to several tribes. The Coahuiltecan and Karankawan lived in the coast of south Texas and the Trans-Nueces, were not organized did not have permanent habitations. Jumanos and Patarabueyes lived in Trans Peco, built homes from mud and sticks. The Apaches and the Comanches, relied on hunting for survival. So their culture was based on moving very often to various places in Texas. They used tepees for shelters, easy to assemble or disassemble for transportation. The caddos lived In Northeast Texas, an agricultural people. They assembled round, thatched shelters, and mounds. Some of their shelters were about 50 feet in diameter. The Pueblo tribe used animal skin or fur and adobe to build their abodes. They made the adobes by mixing sand, water, clay; and organic material such as animal manure with some sticks to dry faster in the sun. Some Native American and the first settlers construct dwellings to survive and protect themselves from cruel environment; the purpose was not to create a historical architecture. They used simple, limited resources to build their primitive shelters or dwellings. Some used basic dig

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