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Phoenix Children’s Hospital is one of the largest hospitals that I have been to for kids and one of the largest in the country. This hospital is also very colorful and unique in shape and feels very welcoming compared to other hospitals that I have been to. The building is also accompanied by a very large parking garage for patients and visitors to park and there is also beautiful shrubs, plants and rocks that are all part of the context of the building. When first walking in the entrance to the hospital there is huge walk-in doors and immediately after first walking in there is vaulted ceilings and bold and bright colors on the walls that stand out. The interior design is absolutely breath taking and the furniture throughout is fun and colorful. The form of the hospital is a unique shape and uses up the space very well. The line in the building was very interesting to me because the lines are what make the form of the building. They mostly go horizontal but there is also some vertical lines thrown in to add texture and balance the building out with all of the intricate detail. The repetition in the hospital created a type of unity feeling for me with the repeated colors, shapes and furniture through the whole building. I really appreciated the way that the hospital was organized with different sections of the hospital representing different specialties like dermatology and pediatric care.
Phoenix Children’s Hospital does an amazing job with stimulating the senses and I believe that for being a children’s hospital stimulating the senses is very important. It’s important because the children that go to the hospital need to feel that it’s a fun place to go to make them comfortable and feel at ease, especially if they are sick, injured or even suffering from a disease. The hospital stimulates sight through the rough/creative textures of the walls, colorful paints on…...

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