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Mack, S. Elements of Effective Teamwork. GlobalPost. Retrieved from
In the article, “Elements of Effective Teamwork” written by Stan Mack, he describes many ways to make any team more effective. The first way he mentions that a team can be more effective is by opening the lines of communication among the entire team. Better communication can help the team quickly pick up any slack if one of its members becomes seriously ill or if a personal emergency arises. The earlier an issue is communicated the faster the rest of the team can adjust to the situation.
He next mentions that a team can become more effective by developing interpersonal relationships. To succeed at this it is important to for a team to work together to complete a project rather than for an individual to try to compete for credit on the part of the project they are completing.
Task delegation is discussed next and Stan mentions that a team can be effective by delegating tasks to individuals that capitalize on their skills. A team leader should assign tasks to each team member based on that individuals experience and skill level so that the team is working at its highest possible level.
Stan’s last two recommendations for developing an effective team include setting goals and having motivation for getting the project done. Goals can be broken down in a series of steps and reaching those goals can become part of the motivation the team needs to work towards finishing a project.

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