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Are Conspiracies: True Or True?

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Instead of accepting the given truth and certainty of a cause of the event or crisis, conspiracists neglect the facts and build their own conspiracy based on nothing but their beliefs. From the articles we read about conspiracy theories, we have found that their is a lot of evidence that has shown that conspiracies could be true. In most occasions these conspiracies end up not being true, or the conspiracists do not bring up enough eligible evidence to prove their point. Most conspiracists are people who cannot accept the truth about something they are interested in or passionate about.The evidence for that is simple, most conspiracies are not true! They are simply a product of one's imagination!
People come up with conspiracies all the time,
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The National Enquirer went on to publish these photos and this issue of their magazine became the top selling issue ever. However some people began to point out that some features of the body in the pictures were nothing like Elvis, mainly the eyebrows, the chin, and fingers. Others say that the ‘body’ in the coffin was in fact a wax dummy made up to look like Elvis and that the coffin itself weighed over 900 pounds due to the fact that it had an air conditioning unit installed inside it to keep the wax from melting in the Memphis heat.”(Gerard). This rationale is actually very interesting, it gives another example of how the king is still alive. Evidence is given in the example that is why it almost makes me believe that this conspiracy is actually true. But if you think about it, almost all conspiracists are usually wacky and do not put out the full truth. So anybody could of made this crazy lie about how Elvis’ body was made of wax. There are many counter-arguments to the Elvis theory, “Is it really possible that Elvis faked his death and went into hiding only to reveal himself through various means many years later? The answer is a resounding no. There are no facts to …show more content…
This involves the master-cheif of this country George W. Bush who was the current president at that time in which a lot of of US civilians blame for being the puppeteer of the attacks. Brendon James from reports that in 2004 half of the New York city residents and 41% of the New York state citizens thought that the government knew in advance the attacks were planned. In 2006 42% of Americans thought that the public did not know the truth about 911. The world trade center collapsed similar to a controlled demolition, Some people think that the towers were blown down with bombs placed inside the buildings. Many artists and scientists said that a plane's fuel can’t produce enough ready to melt the steel frames of the two buildings that fell. According to Newsone Staff from some people think that the Cell Phone calls made from both the hijacked planes were faked. Scientists and Skeptics both think that you could not get Cell Phone Reception from the Altitude from where the planes were flying. A Son also called his Mom were he called himself by his first and last name. Another conspiracy theory was that the Jewish people knew that 911 was going to happen. 4,000 Jewish people took off work on September 11th 2001. Some off the first people to capture the attacks

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