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Are Our Children Too Sheltered

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Introduction In today’s society, our children are being taught about the danger of strangers. They learn at an early age that they should not talk to strangers. This practice is known as “Stranger Danger.” This fear of strangers has stemmed into parents wanting to have more control over their children, and trying to avoid having bad things happen to them. Naturally, no parent wants to see harm come to their children. As a result of being overprotected, children are becoming more and more sheltered. Children are often reliant on their parents until a much older age than what used to be considered the norm.
In this paper, I will examine how “Stranger Danger” and its effects on childrens’ independence can be researched. I will examine the methods of research available. By examining the available types of research, I will further explore the types that best pertain to finding the answers to my question of whether or not “Stranger Danger” has caused us to shelter our children too much.
Research Methods
Existing Sources The first method of research is the use of existing sources. Many sources of information exist. The internet is a very useful tool in finding information that pertains to this theory. When using Google to search for the term “Stranger Danger,” one is presented with a wide array of choices. I chose to look for credible websites that could provide relevant information.
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children issued a press release stating their view on “Stranger Danger”. Nancy McBride, the National Safety Director, stated that “Stranger Danger” was not an effective tool in teaching children how to be safe. One main reason is that children are most often taken or mistreated by someone that they know. Another reason is that children often misjudge who a stranger truly is. Many children identify a stranger as someone…...

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