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Are the Children in Good Hands

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26 April 2010
Flaws in the System The requirements for foster parents are not adequate enough to ensure that the children are in good hands. Foster care is when a child is provided with a temporary family life. Children that are placed in foster care are neglected, abused, or removed due to extreme circumstances that occur in the household. Social services play an important role on selecting the right foster parents for the children. To become a foster parent there are many requirements and regulations necessary to place the child in the right temporary custody. Some minimum requirements to become a foster parent include that you have to be at least twenty-one years old, be free of communicable diseases, be financially self supporting, and complete and pay for a criminal history check. Also the applicant can’t have over six children under the age of eighteen, including their own biological children (Taneika Goldman). Do these guidelines work? The guidelines need to go into more detail to increase the safety of the foster children. Are foster parents taking in children just to benefit themselves? The guidelines that are in place now could be better. The minimum requirements to become a foster parent need to be revised in order to see maximum success. Foster care is a system in which a minor is taken from their biological parent voluntarily or involuntarily and is placed in temporary custody of a certified foster parent. Children are taken from their homes due to varioss reasons. Sometimes biological parents sign a voluntary placement agreement because the family is dealing with financial or emotional problems, or they are temporarily unable to provide for the child. Cases like that usually end up with the child returning home to their parents. A child can be placed in foster care by the order of a court…...

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