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ve just tried to put a little light on whats going on in today world and what really means Muslims...!

Aslam had just walked out of the mosque after his Friday prayers. Upon reaching home, he found his wife talking to a man at the door selling combs. Her face was not covered. Seething, he slammed the door on the ma's face and slapped her hard, shouting at her never to open the door again. And Aslam was known as a devout Muslim.

Why is it that people do not take their religion as seriously as they are supposed to? How conveniently do they ignore the teaching of Islam all the while preaching others what they themselves not do. A Muslim is supposed to respect other people. But that's not a norm in Pakistan these days. It doesn't really matter whether you slap your wife, or take a bribe once or twic, or lie to save your own skin. It really doesn't matter because after all, we do pray and give alms and stay awake all night on Shab-e-Barat asking forgiveness for our sins - the sins we commit the following day and so on.

If we were all such good Muslims, then I would like to place a question that comes in my mind. How many of us actually follow what we preach? Consider Aslam's example. He had just come home after praying, but as soon as he had reached home, he slapped his wife not giving her a single chance to explain which was an incredible act of injustice. What then was the point of him praying? Does Islam teach us this kind of behaviour?

Throughout the year all over Pakistan there are sectarian killings and violence all because people disagree with each other on religious issues. What kind of religion are we following? Is it right to kill people who think differently, and is it right to label another person a non-Muslim or a non-believer simply because he belongs to a different sect? In the month of Moharram, so...

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