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Are We Alone?

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Are We Alone? The answer to the elusive question: Are we really alone? Still remains shrouded by controversy, mystery and new discoveries. Humans have struggled with the possibility of the existence of intelligent life out there in the galaxy. The developed world has spent billions of dollars in deep space exploration in an endeavor to understand what exactly is out there. People have been fascinated by alien life forms a fact which can be seen in the many successful movies on the subject. The many reported cases of unidentified flying objects that are still a mystery and which have generated conspiracy theories that have fanatical believers (Arnold.112). There are tales of flying saucers and elaborate accounts of encounters with aliens. With all these conspiracies theories, TV shows, movies and alien life form fascination, it hard to decipher the fiction from the reality. E.T. moved movie audiences with a story of friendship between an alien and a human. Star Wars stretched the human imagination and demonstrated the possibility of an enterprise with human and alien life forms out there in the galaxy. The Stargate series adds the concept of time travel and the use of alien technology to defend the earth from hostile aliens. It depicts a complex relationship between humans and aliens in strategic alliances driven by mutual interest and the greed for power and influence on a universal level. Hollywood is dynamic on the issue of aliens because it has cast good aliens such as Superman and those that are a threat as seen in Independence Day. In essence the question as whether we are really alone has been taken more seriously by the movie industry and they have found a ripe market for their innovative ideas relying on the human fascination with the existence of more advanced life forms. Therefore the big screen has been one of the fundamental fueling agents...

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