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Are We Dependant on Technology

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Are we dependent too much on Technology?

In my opinion there is a high number of the world’s population that is extremely dependent of technology. The reason for my opinion is looking at the world today there is technology everywhere, weather the technology is at home or even at your local fast food restaurant; looking at the technology we now have cell phones, tablets, and even game systems. With all the technology there is too much crime and not enough teaching going on. Cell phones are a thing of the future they said. They have become a part of everyone’s daily lives. We are using cell phones for everything from phone calls to video games, and mobile gps. Being able to activate your phone when away from your home is amazing except for when you are driving a motor vehicle it becomes a hazard and distraction so u are more liable to cause a car accident. Playing games are even better but then again what ever happened to playing outside, reading a book or even having family time; sitting around the dinner table and enjoying a board game. Families and couples even go to bed with their cell phones and that is the last thing in there hand when they fall asleep. I have walked in to stores and asked for a map and they laugh and ask me “What is that?”, with cell phones and gps systems you are able to have maps on your devices and even electronic maps that talk to you. There are so many people waiting on the next new cell phone. Everyone had a computer of some sort of computer peripheral device; then they invented a mobile computer called a laptop that everyone had to have or at least two of them. Then one day someone said hey let’s build a device small enough that u can put in to a purse or small bag and walah you have what’s called a tablet. Again here we have a small electronic device that everyone and their children are begging to have. You are able to play games, search the internet and even read books. People are dependent on devices like this to entertain their children instead of interacting and teaching them. Some are even connected to the internet through wireless companies and have talking and video chat capabilities. With the internet and wi-fi on these tablets you are able to read books and buy them from the comfort. And now you have what are called gaming systems. People and children are asking for these things like they are candy. They are nothing more than a tool to cloud our minds of death, killing, and magical things. People and families take thus type of technology way too far to allowing it to lead and control our lives. Instead of having friends and enjoying again family times allowing these things get out of hand. This is why we are having so many school shootings and other types of crimes happen. Since children have these types of systems they are not learning from their parents and not getting the right teachings and learning’s that they need to survive in the real world today. In the conclusion of are we dependent of technology, as you can see; cell phones, tablets, gaming systems are clouding our judgment and being more of a control then anything. We as a culture are so dependent of technology that we are spending more time with our electronic devices then we are as a family and we are losing our families at the same time. While I have been writing this paper it has taken me almost three whole days because I have been sitting in front of the television and watching tv, playing on my cell phone looking at face book. With that said yes technology is wonderful but at the same time there has to be a point in time where you leave technology behind and not have it control your life.

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