Are We Ready for Tomorrow, Today?

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The speech “Are We Ready for Tomorrow, Today?” was delivered by Muhtar Kent, the president and CEO of the Coca-Cola Co, at the 2009 Investor & Analyst Event held in the world global conference in Atlanta. As this speech is specifically structured to present a business plan for upcoming year of 2020, Kent uses the majority of ethos and logos artistic appeals as means of an effective persuasion. The argument surrounds a careful and logical analysis of past failures and successes backed up with statistical and visual references designed to “inform, provoke, challenge and inspire” the audience (Kent 2009), followed by an orderly presentation of numerous strategies on how they will shape the future as the leading “business of non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages.” (119) The appropriate artistic and inartistic appeals applied in the speech not only polish the essence of an effective argument, but also increases credibility as an influential speaker. It is evident that Kent tries to avoid using pathos, an appeal of emotion, as a form of appeal to prevent logical scrutiny from the audience. Instead, the speech follows a strict pattern of stating logical reasoning after presenting each inartistic proof and thus, succeeds in gaining compliance as a credible speaker.
Apart from impressive statistical numbers on its company’s accomplishments, the content of the speech relies heavily on ethos, served as appeals to values and speaker’s credibility, exerting a strong and dependable impression on their corporation. One of the major proofs Kent constantly uses is expressing the common notion the company has made in the past years. For example, Kent reminds the audience that they are a system that have always been, and always will be a “business of non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages…where we lead, excel and create value.” (119) Although this may sound ordinary, it adds…...