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Are We a Warrior

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The earth is alone
And I give thanks for the fullness
Within the firmaments
Is golden days and blossoming nights
His gently hands Made I I-man, son of him
Life was divided and sweet harmony come in
Women & children

Are we a warrior?
Are we a warrior?
Are we a warrior?

Oh Cupiid. You stupid
Let not you arrow from your bow LORD

FEET is the mountains, so silent..
And filled Fountains of waters, for all of his loving creatures.
He give us wisdom, and knowledge TO understand his love
Do we have to have a war?

Are we a warrior Lord
Are we a warrior
Are we a warrior
OH oh Cupid, it's stupid
Let not your arrow from your bow
So hold it low
And never let it go
What cause you have a pistol in your hand LORD
Is it for to shot a man down dead?
Do we have to have a STORM lord?
Why can't we be calm like a lamb?
Lord lord above
It's not only when
There's a small confusion.
It is a war
There are other ways as well
Sometime being confused
Within your own head
Because at times
Hearts get heavier than lead
Are we a warrior?

Are we a warrior?
Are we a warrior?
Oh Cupid, it's stupid
Let not you arrow from your bow
So hold it low
And never let go

Take a look at sad children
And there’s often true stories.
It should be one all round glory
The hour has come

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