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Are You Aware of What Your Child Is Doing Online?

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Stella Hester
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Are you aware of what your child is doing online?
Parents should stay well informed on what their teenagers are posting online. In this day and time social networking is a way of life with teenagers. With websites like facebook, twitter, linked in, and myspace we can update everything we do day to day in a matter of seconds. We can also post pictures, tell who are with us, and inform people of our location. These are all excellent things if they are used in the positive light of social networking, but how often are they not? Teenagers are now using these sites to harass and bully peers online. They also leave doors open for adult predators and identity theft. There has been research on the effects of social networking in teens that closely link them to low grades, psychological and social problems, and not being as active which leads them to being overweight. Statistics show that about 75% of teenagers have cell phones, which raises the question “Are we aware of what our teens are posting online”? There are many pros to our children using social media but we as parents have a duty to protect them. We must be good role models and be aware of privacy issues and concerns.
There are advancement’s in today’s technology that make it easy for our children to network and stay in touch with their peers. Children who are not likely to socialize the traditional way because of shyness and social anxiety can use their PC’s to communicate with others. Children that have disabilities that prevent them from going out are still able to keep in contact with the outside world. Kids join groups with kids that have similar lifestyles and interest. They can converse with others that share the same religious beliefs, culture, hobbies, and many other things that they may have in common. Social networking also keeps...

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