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Are You Ready Boots

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Are You Ready Boots?

”Are you ready boots?”, is written by the London-born author Maggie Alderson. A relationship isn’t always base on true love. Sometimes what you think is real love appears as an illusion. Many factors can come into play and cheat you they make you think it is real love. In “Are you ready boots?” Lulu’s superficiality doesn’t let her see who Charlie really is. She falls in love with the wrong person.

Miss Lulu is a very kind person; she doesn’t seem stupid or anything. She’s a beautiful young girl who is living in England. Lulu is a stylish person, she wants to look good, and she is very confident, she knows what she want. But Lulu is also very superficial. Lulu only cares about what she sees and what she sees has to be perfect. Just like Spencer is, he is perfect from the outside. And that is why she falls in love with him. She actually doesn’t know whom Charlie really is she doesn’t know Charlie’s personality. She is blinded by his handsomeness. Lulu is also a girl who loves to posses’ expensive/beautiful stuff, like her Manolo Boots, the big diamond ring and Charlie’s Porsche. Charlie has the possibility to give her all the expensive stuff she wants to posses, because he is a wealthy man.
Lulu only finds out who Charlie really is because her best friend Spencer says “but are you sure he isn’t an eensy weensy bit straight for you? You know, boring?”.
After that Lulu realizes all the mistakes that Charlie actually haves “ He didn’t crack jokes like Spencer and I did. He repeated formulated jokes people had told him”.

A first person narrator tells, “Are you ready boots?”. It is told by Lulu who experiences all of this by herself. This makes it easier for the reader to identify him or her with the main character, to put them self in Lulu’s place. The first person character only sees the story from one aspect. The reader doesn’t get to know from aspect the other characters see the situation. “Are you ready boots?” that’s the title of this short story. The story is all about the Boots, her Manolos. They are a symbol of love for Lulu, she says, “These boots I’m going to wear when I meet my husband,” I proclaimed”. But the shoes also a sig of how materialistic she is. And can be compared to Charlie. She loves the shoes because she looks good in them. That’s also what she does besides Charlie, she look good besides a handsome guy. And that is what she is in love with, it is not Charlie but she loves that’s she looks good, and that’s the only thing she cares about. She is actually annoyed of Charlie, as she finds out she doesn’t like his personality.
And as Charlie comments on her Boots and call them “tarty and chav”, her illusion of loves breaks, she realizes that Spencer was right all the time, “I looked down at my kinky boots. They where so great. ‘’Are you ready Boots?’’ I said. ‘’Start walking.”
That Maggie Alderson chooses to repeat the title at last ensures that the connecting thread is kept through the whole story.

To be in a relationship is hard, and you can discover some mistakes by your partner. But if you can’t ignore these mistakes, then you aren’t really in love. In “Are you ready boots?” Lulu’s superficiality and her materialistic way of thinking stand in her way. She thinks she falls in love with Charlie, but she falls in love with being perfect, and with looking perfect. It’s all an illusion.

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