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Are You a Good Communicator?

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Are You a Good Communicator?
April 19, 2015

Are You a Good Communicator? To have good communication an individual must understand what effective and good communication entails. To be a good communicator an individual must understand what the other individual’s ideas are. Another way that an individual may know if they are a good communicator is to watch interactions between other individuals. Communication is essentially a two way street. It is a presenter and an audience to and vice versa. When working in health care it is important to have good interpersonal skills. In health care you are going to be in communications with all different kinds of people. You are going to be in communication with different departments within health care, office personnel, nurses, environmental services, and most importantly patients. This is why it is extremely important to have strong communication skills and communication skills that are affective. That way there would be no misunderstanding when an individual is communicating with others, no matter the situation.
When we all think of health care there is always something that we can all agree on and things that we can all disagree one. We can all think of things that can be improved on and things that need to be eradicated. When describing defensive and supportive relationships it can be black and white. An individual is either defensive by what an individual says or by what an individual does that is not completely correct or an individual is either supportive of another’s decisions. One of the best examples that I can think of for a defensive relationship is when an individual is communicating with a medical professional about a bill that they paid and had a zero balance on but there is no record of the bill being paid and having a zero balance. This happens sometimes and when this situations happens an...

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Are You a Good Communicator

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