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TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Dear sir, Hereby i am M.H.Taavoni(D.O.Birth: 1968,IRAN ),holding two certificate:

1-B.S. in electrical engineer(power)
2-First class radio-electronic engineer officer With UAE D/L

The additional courses i passed thriugh are as followes: 1-Radar & Arpa(68 hours)
2-High power relays & transformers in tarasht power station(3 months)
3-Rewinding of motors & transformers in I.R. Iran railways(3 months)
4-Computer network(4)repair & maintenance in I.R. of Iran ship lines co.(3 month)
5-Global maritime distress safety system in I.R. of Iran ship lines co.(20 days)
6-First aid in I.R. of Iran ship lines co.(16 hours)
7-Fire fighting in I.R. of Iran ship lines co.(32 hours)
8-Technical courses in tehran cement co.(4 months)
9-Personnel survival technics(10 days)
10-Personnel safety & social responsibilities(10 days)
11-International safety management(1 days)
12-Chart track-ECDIS(18 hours)
13-Marinet software(6 hours)
14-Computer planned maintenance(74 hours)
15-Advance communication(85 hours)
16- TV. maintenance in pars electric co.(3 months) 17-Radio navigation(102 hours)
18-Industrial English language(34 hours)
19-Micro wave(68 hours)
20-Radar technology(170 hours)
21-Repair & maintenance of navigation systems(153 hours)
22-Function & use of elec. & electro-hyd. Components in FESTO
23-Recognising & reading of elec. & electro-hyd. Symbols in FESTO
24-Design ,construction & operation of basic circuits
25-Elec. Signal processing using relays,stroke
26-Direct & indirect control of actuators interlocking
27-Communication between the PLC & PC's
28-Programming in ladder diagram & statement list
29-Development of sequence & parallel logic controls
30-Programming of counter & timer functions
31-Documentation & software management
32-In addition in theoretical instruction circuits...

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