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Area of Usable Room

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Program that will calculate the number of square feet (living space) in a 4-room house.
Problem Analysis

In this Program , the aim is to calculate the square feet of a 4 –room house
So we need to know each room’s length and breadth, then calculate each room’s area and the find the sum of those
Area of Room1=length1*breadth1
Area of Room2=length2*breadth2
Area of Room3=length3*breadth3
Area of Room4=length4*breadth4
Total Number of Square Foots = Area of Room1+ Area of Room2+ Area of Room3+ Area of Room4

Program Design
Declare the variables i,j as interger length[4], breadth[4],area[4] as double array sum as double
Display “Enter the Rooms length and Breadth”
For i= 1 to 4 do Accept length[i], breadth[i]
Next i
Display “Finding Area and total number of square foots”
Set sum=0
For i= 1 to 4 do Area[i]= length[i]* breadth[i] Sum=sum+Area[i]
Next i
Display “Total number of square foots”, sum

Program Comments and Test Data
Test data and Output

Example application test data:
Input: Room length and width (in feet) Expected output: Total square footage of house (in square feet)
Room1: length=10, width=14;
Room 2: length=9, width=10;
Room 3: length=12, width=12;
Room 4: length=11, width=9 473
Room1: length=20, width=10;
Room 2: length=15, width=10;
Room 3: length=20, width=10;
Room 4: length=30, width=10 850
Room1: length=20, width=15;
Room 2: length=10, width=5;
Room 3: length=30, width=15;
Room 4: length=12, width=15 980

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