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Popular Areas of South Bangalore 1. Arakere 2. Ashok Nagar 3. Attibele 4. Banashankari 5. Bannerghatta Road 6. Begur-Koppa Road 7. Bilekahalli 8. Bommanahalli 9. BTM Layout 10. BTS Layout 11. Chamarajpet 12. Cubbonpet 13. Dasarahalli 14. Davanagere 15. Diagonal Road 16. Dickenson Road 17. Doddakallasandra 18. Dommasandra 19. Ejipura 20. Electronics City 21. Fernus City 22. Gandhi Bazar 23. Gangadhar Chetty Road 24. Gavipuram 25. Girinagar 26. Govindaraj Nagar 27. Halasuru 28. Hanumanthanagar 29. Harapanahalli 30. Hebbagodi 31. Hosur Road 32. HSR Layout 33. Hulimavu 34. J P Nagar 35. J. P. Nagar 36. J.C. Road 37. Jaya Nagar 38. Jaya Nagar 39. Jayachamaraja Road 40. Journalist Colony 41. K.R. Road 42. Kalasipalyam 43. Kammanahalli 44. Kasturba Road 45. Kathriguppe 46. Kempapura 47. Kempe Gowda Road 48. Konanakunte 49. Koramangala 50. Kumaraswamy Layout 51. Kumbalgodu 52. Kumbaragundi 53. Lakkasandra 54. Lakshman Mudaliar Street 55. Lakshmipura 56. Langford Town 57. Madivala 58. Magrath Road 59. Mahatma Gandhi Road 60. Minerva Circle 61. Mission Road 62. Mudaliar Road 63. Museum Road 64. Nagarathpet 65. Narayana Pillai Street 66. Nayandahalli 67. Neelasandra 68. Nrupathunga Road 69. O.T.C. Road 70. Padmanabhanagar 71. R.V. Road 72. Raghavendra Nagar 73. Raj Bhavan Road 74. Raja Rajeshwari Nagar 75. Raja Rajeshwari Nagar 76. Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road 77. Rajpet 78. Ramanashree Nagar 79. Residency Road 80. Rest House Road 81. S. R. Nagar 82. Sampangiram Nagar 83. Sankey Road 84. Sarjapur Road 85. Shanti Nagar 86. Siddaiah Road 87. Singasandra 88. St. Marks Road 89. Subramanyapura 90. Sunkalpet 91. Tavarekere Road 92. Thyagarajanagar 93. Tilak Nagar 94. Ulsoor 95. Uttarahalli 96. Uttrahlli 97. Vivek Nagar 98. VV Puram 99. Walton Road 100. Wilson Garden 101. Yediyur

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