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My two area of interest in the topics this course is covering are Accounting and Marketing.
I have a background in managing a small business. During my 10 years as the administrator I was able to development my accounting and analytical skills. Both have been beneficial in my role as an Executive Assistant in the land development business unit. In my current roll I frequently liaise between the business unit and accounting department working on everything from budgets, pro formas and cash flows to purchase orders. The skills I acquired in small business accounting have had a positive impact in my current position as they have made it possible to anticipate the needs of the accounting department and meet them with little need for follow up on their part. My analytical skills have been beneficial in helping me to spot potential problems ahead of time so they can be avoided or resolved. However, there is a negative impact with these skills as I can overanalyze when I don’t need to especially when the issue may best be handled by the appropriate associate in accounting.
My short term goal in the accounting portion of my job is to decrease overall errors in budgets and purchase orders. Over a six month period I will record and track errors on a monthly basis to identify whether the error was caught before it went to accounting or after. This will lead to my long term goal which will be to streamline the process for the business unit so that one person takes ownership of accounting needs. I estimate that this will be take approximately 18 months to create a new streamlined process to deal with accounting requests, present the new process to the manager of the business unit for their approval, present the process to accounting for their approval and, if approved, implement the new system within the business unit.
In my other area of interest, marketing, I see two…...

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