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Discrimination is an action that treats people unfairly because of their member ship in particular social group. Discriminatory behaviors take many forms, but they all involve some form of exclusion or rejection. People witness individual acts of discrimination, such as a student who won’t let people of certain race seat with them at lunch; often these individual acts reflect large system of exclusion. Consider schools that won’t let girls take the same classes as boys or a job that doesn’t hire people of certain ethnic back ground. There are three types of discrimination. The first one is racial discrimination, the second one is sexual discrimination, and the last one is Religious discrimination.
Racial discrimination takes place when someone holds a prejudice against other people for their race. This is includes the ethnic origin, skin color and nationality of the person. For example people are discriminated because of their race in work place or somewhere outside the work place. During time 1945 if the African American people want to go to school, but it was hard to attend the class because the system didn’t allow black people to go to school and learn something important to change their life for a better future because of discrimination. In addition, in the 1920, various groups of ethnic minorities were discriminated against through the act of segregation. And this is most commonly associated with African Americans who were separated from whites in most public areas including trains, parks, restrooms, and even cemeteries.
During that time, there were signs to use restroom for a black person and white person. When a black person needs to use restroom he has to make Shure he uses the right one. It is the same when they need to use a bus they have to give a seat for a white person or they have to stand on the back...

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