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Argyle Diamonds

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Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Broadcast: 12/04/2011

Reporter: Michelle Ainsworth

There are calls for more funding to be put into the mental health system. Mental health advocates fear more lives will be lost if more support is not given to the sector.


LEIGH SALES: The battle over scarce government dollars is in its final weeks ahead of the Federal Budget on May 10th.

The Cabinet met today to discuss what's in and out and tomorrow night, the Prime Minister will set out her framework for what's already being sold as a tough budget.

Mental health advocates are concerned that promises to support their sector might not materialise.

They say more lives will be lost unless billions of dollars in extra funding goes to mental health.

Michelle Ainsworth reports from Canberra.

DR ELIZABETH SCOTT, CLINICAL PSYCHIATRIST: I think the mental health system in Australia at the moment is really at a crisis point.

PAULA KNOWLES, MOTHER: It is a parent's worst nightmare.

PROF. IAN HICKIE, BRAIN & MIND RESEARCH INSTITUTE: We know what to do, largely when to do it, but our shambolic system fails to deliver that for people in the greatest need.

BRONTE O'BRIEN: Life was incredibly confusing and incredibly overwhelming and I found myself trying to mask my feelings through using drugs.

KEVIN RUDD, FORMER PRIME MINISTER: We need as a nation to live our game.

JULIA GILLARD, PRIME MINISTER: I want to be absolutely clear about this. Mental health will be a second term priority for the Government.

MICHELLE AINSWORTH: So if the professionals, the patients, the parents and past and present Prime Ministers agree that mental health is chronically underfunded, what's the problem?

PROF. IAN HICKIE: We are extremely concern bid the gap in rhetoric from the Prime Minister in particular that...

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