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For host country we picked our home country Bangladesh but since they have shut down their business in 2007 we couldn’t find those tools they used for their promotional activity .So here
Promotional tool:
As Ariel us using low pricing strategy in other country, they can use the same strategy in Bangladesh to grab the customer. They can use both the print media and the non print media
Like- Showing TVC which are going to be run on drama channel. In printed media, the company can also make advertisements in magazines and billboards. Various Other Promotional Techniques: There are some other various techniques of promoting the Ariel in big stores like metro, many sales stores are there which offers Ariel in discount prices.
The P & G provides product like Ariel to the distributors for the prices decided keeping in view the cost, the target revenue and competitors prices. All distributors are being equally treated. The new Ariel has to be the same price as the old had.
P&G set the price of the Ariel by keeping in view their competitor’s detergent price. Aerial has a fair price when we compare it with other detergent prices like surf excel etc.
Optional Feature Pricing: Ariel need to be available in different quantity options. So customer has options of different prices for different packs of Ariel.
P&G already have many distributors in urban areas so that Ariel need tobe available both in urban and rural areas.
Putting products at the proper eye level will help to improve sales. But it is important to remember whose eye level you are trying to reach. In case of Ariel& G makes a strategy that their product in big stores is placed in female’s eye level so that they can easily see the product. This strategy worked for Ariel.

Sales promotion: Coupons and scratch and win offers will be.

Trade promotions include obtaining distribution and shelf space encouraging retailers to advertise our brand. The retailers will be given incentives to promote our product and to keep our stands and banners etc.
Sponsoring boards for stores which will have the tagline and logo of Ariel.

Public Relations: Sponsoring upcoming events associated with women like the exhibitions of home accessories or women clothes. Arranging a food meals in three major cities of Bangladesh, this will have two benefits. One is that money could be earned in the form of stalls and tickets and secondly PR will improve.

Encouraged to switch: encourage customers to switch to a different brand (c) To remind - remind buyers where to find a product (d) To adding value - cost and benefit analysis in customers mind (e) To assisting other company efforts -increase brand preference and loyalty, expand the product distribution, reduce overall sales cost, Creates new demands etc.

Direct Marketing Creating fan pages on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, females can get tips online. They could also enter a lucky draw online by answering a few questions about Ariel.

With the help of celebrity endorsers like Tisha or someone really popular in this industry, could arrange a campaign to redeem Ariel’s Brand awareness. People tend have a belief on celebrity, if they give their testimony on anything, People will assure actually its worth to shot.

Since Ariel couldn’t establish a strong brand image in our country,’’Word of mouth’’ method won’t work till they don’t come up with improvised product. Once Ariel manage to earn customer’s trust, the next thing will be a proper brand recognition by WOM, which could get them on top.
There are few recommendation which need to be done if Ariel want to do their business in Bangladesh starts with the
Product modification:
If Ariel wants to get the advantages, they have to work on their positioning which comes from product modification level. Attractive Packaging-P&G did a lot of work on the packaging, so that if the packaging of the Ariel looks fresh then, it works well for the company. As they couldn’t make it on earlier, customers have already known about their drawbacks, so convincing them would be a very tough job and they have to work for it.
The brand name Ariel is good. But what it needs to amend is its tag line they should focus on one aspect or a point of differentiation from competitors and that is savings.. If Arial has very catchy tag lines on its packaging which are close to our culture than it’s a very good strategy to have such tag lines on the product packaging..Ariel is also trying to portray itself as an economical and good detergent. We suggest that the tagline should be catchy-.

“Daag r Shasroy dutoi Bachae”

Trade show: For promotion their product they placing their stalls in main points of trade show by setting stalls in this place they will be successful in selling their new Ariel product.
Exhibition: For increasing sales and introducing new Ariel P&G targeting the big cities consumers by setting exhibitions in famous places of cities. So overall in our analysis P & G is successful in selling their Ariel with some catchy ads and because of their good advertisement policy.
Customer service: Good customer service keeps customers coming back. Bad customer service keeps customers away As Ariel can't make a good image in Bangladesh they have some leakages in their customer service.1.Poor brand recall value,2. No promotional gift, 3.Unavailability.

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