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Arise and Shine Forth

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As you may know our theme as a stake this year comes from Isaiah 60:1. Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. I have been pondering that scripture for a few weeks now as I have prepared for speaking today. I have thought a great deal about the words “arise” and “Shine” and how they relate to me and my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In reference tot his scripture Elder Orson Pratt wrote: “The Zion that is here spoken of is called to ‘arise and shine, for the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.’ There is no one thing more fully revealed in the Scriptures of eternal truth, than the rise of the Zion of our God in the latter days, clothed upon with the glory of God from the heavens – a Zion that will attract the attention of allthe nations and kindreds of the whole earth. It will not be something that takes place in a corner or on some distant island of the sea, or away among some obscure people’ but it will be something that will call forth the attention of all people and nations upon the face of the whole earth.” Again, as I read that quote from Elder Pratt I thought of it in connection with my own testimony of the gospel. His description of the rise of Zion and the attention that it will draw, along with the words arise and shout, speak to the way we, as members of this church, with knowledge of a risen Lord and a true Zion, should feel about our testimonies and sharing them with the people around us. Many of us have heard and live by the edict “don’t talk about religion or politics”. I certainly have. I, by nature, do not like to rock the proverbial boat. It makes me very uncomfortable if anyone else is uncomfortable. Various members of my own family and Rich’s do not participate in this church and I have formed a comfy little habit of mostly avoiding the topic of religion in an effort to not…...

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