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Aristophane's Lysistrata

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Elayne Miller
March 17, 2014
English 2111
Paper 1 Aristophanes’s Lysistrata shows the different types of women in society and the inequality of the sexes during Peloponnesian War. During that time, women had no political rights. There was a war going on between the Athenian and the Spartans, and the women, specifically, Lysistrata, wanted to stop it by seizing Acropolis and refusing sex from all the men in the city. Women during the Peloponnesian war were not expected to end the war, however, in the play, Lysistrata, women had the intelligence and judgment to make political decisions just like men. In the play, Lysistrata’s behavior is not like other women. She likes to stand up for herself and not take orders from anyone. The other women are rather the opposite. They don’t care about anything once the possibility of sex is taken away from them. When she gathered all the women together, she says that “From now on, no more penises for you” (829). What that meant was the plan to end the war was for women to refuse sex from men. They are to stand up for themselves and not give in to their husband’s orders. The other women were not happy with Lysistrata’s plan to end the war, which shows Lysistrata that the other women are not like her, but in the end, the plan worked and the women restored peace to the city. Aristophanes showed both side of women in this play, the stereotypical housewife and the influential, leader type. When Lysistrata says, “I am a woman, but I have a mind that wasn’t bad to start with” (857), she makes the point that she is just as smart as the men in the city. Men and women have always had conflicting differences since the beginning of time and it shows in the play, Lysistrata. When it comes to war, women were never allowed to participate. Women are told that it isn’t their business to meddle in the affairs of wars. In today’s...

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