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Arizona State Law

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Arizona State Law
The heart of government in Arizona lies with the state Constitution. From this single document sets the stage from legislation all the way down to small rural towns. During the course of this paper we will discuss how the constitution for Arizona affects the counties, municipalities, corporations, and districts. It will also include a discussion of the enduring impact the people of Arizona have had in determining the overall direction of the state.
First, we will discuss how the Arizona Constitution affects the counties. The counties of Arizona have to major roles they preform. The first one is by being the administrative arms for the state government. The second one is by being that the cities provide city type services for those who do not live in the boundaries of the municipalities. The counties are bounded by Dillon's Rule, which only allows the county to hold powers given to them from the state and the constitution. In 1992 the state constitution was amended to allow Maricopa and Pima counties to adopt home rule (McClory, 2010). Home rule would have allowed Arizona's largest two counties to have their own, individualized form of government. This would have been done by adopting a charter that was modified to the needs of the county. Unfortunately citizens of both counties rejected it.
Next, we will discuss how the Arizona Constitution affects the municipalities. These are the cities and towns that make up each county. They act upon a range of services that are essential to everyday living. The cities and towns receive the right to exist through state law. The Progressive founders put constitutional limits on legislatures ability to impede with cities and towns. They even drafted municipal home rule that allows cities with populations of thirty five hundred or greater to design their own form of government by drafting and adopting a charter. Today, there are charter cities, described above, and general law cities, which is governed by state statutes. Unlike counties, there is no single governing structure for towns and cities (McClory, 2010).

McClory, T. (2010). Understanding The Arizona Constitution. Tucson, Arizona; The University of Arizona Press

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