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Armour Bearer

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Jaimee Walker
In 1983, Terry Nance had a vision to raise up qualified leaders, with preparation, inside the local churches. Many times, those who are called into service see a big picture of being out front and preaching or serving. It is important for all within a church body to understand the need to follow and support their own leaders and Pastors while they are being prepared for what God has planned for them in their own ministries. God’s Armorbearer Vol. 1&2 gives us sources to stand with our leaders to help fulfill God’s vision. This paper will be broken into two sections, following the author’s format. Volume 1 How to serve God’s leaders 1. What is an Armorbearer? Traditionally, an armorbearer is one who saw to the safety of his officer. In battle, he would carry the officer’s shield, and many times, would lay down his own life to protect that officer. The armorbearer understood the role he had been put in as a protector, one designed to see to the needs of another before his own. In fact, the needs of others superseded his own needs. Through such actions, the armorbearer would benefit through the gains of the officer. Such is our relationship with God. When we assume the role of God’s armorbearer, and focus on Him and the Kingdom, lifting up and assisting God as He leads us, we will reap the benefits from our Father. In order to be served, we must first learn to serve. We need to submit, totally, to the person God leads us to in order to build us up. Learning to be humble and to deal with the temptations brought before us by means of trusting God’s grace, we can have the free life of an armorbearer. “The spirit of an armorbearer is the spirit of Christ. It is the heart of a servant”. (p15). 2. Function of an Armorbearer Service to another is the main function of an armorbearer with an approach of faith and peace. You must be...

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