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Army Physical Fitness Training Plan

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1. List the five components of fitness. a. Cardiorespiratory (CR) endurance b. Muscular Strength c. Muscular Endurance d. Flexibility e. Body composition 2. Seven recognized Principles of Exercises. List at least five. f. Regularity g. Progression h. Balance i. Variety j. Specificity k. Recovery l. Overload 3. Three phases of conditioning when designing a fitness program m. Preparatory n. Conditioning o. Maintenance 4. List in order the Seven Step Planning Process p. Analyze the Mission q. Develop Fitness Objectives r. Assess the Unit s. Determine Training Requirements t. Design Fitness Tasks u. Develop a Training Schedule v. Conduct and evaluate Training 5. Three groups of Soldier that may require Special PT Program w. Those who fail the APFT and do not have medical profiles x. Those who are overweight/overfat according to AR 600-9 y. Those who have either permanent or temporary medical profiles 6. What does the acronym FITT z. Frequency {. Intensity |. Time }. Type 7. Four well-known stretching techniques ~. Static Stretching . Passive Stretching . PNF Stretching . Ballistic Stretching 8. Proper term for the ability to move joints or any group of joints through an entire normal range of motion. Flexibility 9. Three distinct steps in planning daily physical training activities a. Determine the minimum frequency b. Determine the type of activity c. Determine the intensity and time of selected activity 10. Unit commander should coordinate with the following when designing training for Special Population Soldiers Medical Personnel...

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...Johnson HRDV 5610 Training and Development Professor Shaughna L. Vaughan December 19, 2014 Physical fitness is a high priority for every soldier and has a direct influence on the overall readiness of an organization. The Army requires each soldier to have the ability to pass a physical fitness test twice a year, while remaining in height and weight standards at all times. In my current organization, there is a problem with both soldiers having the ability to pass a physical fitness test as well as remaining in accordance with the Army’s Body Fat Program. Physical training is an individual responsibility, however commanders can implement training programs to help soldiers on every level meet the Army’s physical fitness standards. The Problem The Army’s physical fitness test consists of three events: push-ups, sit-ups, and a two-mile run in an allotted amount of time. Age and gender determine the number of repetitions that must be completed in two minutes and the amount of time allowed to complete the two-mile run. There are alternate events such as the walk and bicycle for soldiers that may have physical limitations that prevent them for complete the standard physical fitness test. Each soldier personal characteristics and abilities are unique when it comes to physical fitness; therefore the physical fitness program has to target various fitness levels. It is up to leaders to identify soldier’s strength and weakness and develop fitness plans to help......

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...history, the United States Army has had a proud heritage and reputation of being the greatest fighting force in the world. It has upheld this status by maintaining the physical fitness and appearance of its soldiers. Every soldier is individually responsible for his or her overall fitness and body fat percentage. In addition to this, every unit appoints a Weight Control Non-commissioned Officer (NCO) to ensure that established weight and body fat standards are adhered to and followed. It is the sole responsibility of the Weight Control NCO to identify soldiers not meeting the standards and develop a program in order to assists those soldiers in meeting the standards. If a unit’s Weight Control NCO successfully develops and implements an effective program, the unit will have a high percentage of physically fit soldiers, who can be mission ready at all times. Background Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Infantry Regiment, currently has 25 soldiers, who are overweight and do not meet the body fat standards. In light of this problem, First Sergeant (1SG) Jeffery Clark quickly appoints Staff Sergeant (SSG) David Upton as the company’s new Weight Control NCO and charges SSG Upton with the task of developing a program to solve the overweight problem in the company. To accomplish his task, SSG Upton will have to develop a program that incorporates periodic weigh-ins, body fat percentage tests (also known as tape tests), extra physical fitness training, counseling,......

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...Anticipating the implementation of the New Army Physical Fitness test I looked at how the Army decided there was a need to revamp the current physical fitness test, in use since 1980. I compared the Army process to the five Stage Organizational Development (OD) model from Chapter two of the OD text. The Army plan encompassed three of the five OD Stages: Stage 1, Anticipate the need for change; Stage 3, The Diagnostic Process; Stage 4; Action Plans Strategies, Plans, and Techniques Bacon (2011) reports that Soldiers can score well on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) but, are not able transfer that to survival on the battlefield. This article outlines how the army devised the new APFT and the plan to test the effectiveness of the fitness program. Stage 1 - Anticipate the need for change. Identifying a deficiency and developing a plan for change. The Army identified that the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) is not a strong predictor of successful physical performance on the battlefield. The current APFT is a measure of upper and lower body strength, endurance and aerobic fitness. Repetitive exercises like sit-ups don't translate into survival on the battlefield. The Army believes shorter, higher-intensity tests will better assess soldiers’ ability to perform under fire. 10 years of war have proven that Soldiers are not physically prepared for the rigors on the battlefield. To start the process of change the Army had to identify the potential......

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...U.S. ARMY SERGEANTS MAJOR ACADEMY (FSC) P661 1 June 06 MONITOR UNIT AND INDIVIDUAL FITNESS TRAINING PROGRAMS PRERESIDENT TRAINING SUPPORT PACKAGE THIS PAGE LEFT BLANK INTENTIONALLY PRERESIDENT TRAINING SUPPORT PACKAGE (TSP) TSP Number / Title Effective Date Supersedes TSP(s) / Lesson(s) TSP Users Proponent Improvement Comments P661 / MONITOR UNIT AND INDIVIDUAL FITNESS TRAINING PROGRAMS 01 Jun 2006 P661, Monitor unit and individual fitness training programs, Jun 05 521-SQIM (DL), First Sergeant Course The proponent for this document is the Sergeants Major Academy. Users are invited to send comments and suggested improvements on DA Form 2028, Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms. Completed forms, or equivalent response, will be mailed or attached to electronic e-mail and transmitted to: COMDT USASMA ATTN ATSS DCF BLDG 11291 BIGGS FIELD FORT BLISS TX 79918-8002 Telephone (Comm) (915) 568-8875 Telephone (DSN) 978-8875 E-mail: Security Clearance / Access Foreign Disclosure Restrictions Unclassified FD5. This product/publication has been reviewed by the product developers in coordination with the USASMA foreign disclosure authority. This product is releasable to students from all requesting foreign countries without restrictions. 1 PREFACE Purpose This Training Support Package provides the student with a standardized lesson plan for presenting instruction for: Task Number Task......

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...Army Regulation 350–1 Training Army Training and Leader Development Rapid Action Revision (RAR) Issue Date: 4 August 2011 Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC 18 December 2009 UNCLASSIFIED SUMMARY of CHANGE AR 350–1 Army Training and Leader Development This rapid action revision, 4 September 2011-o Implements the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act of 2010 by deleting all references to developing and conducting training concerning the Army’s Homosexual Conduct Policy (paras 2-21p and 2-22k.) o Rescinds paragraphs 2-6r, 2-46ac, and G-14e.) o Makes administrative changes (app A: marked obsolete forms and publications; corrected forms and publication titles; and corrected Web site addresses; glossary: deleted unused acronyms and corrected titles/abbreviations as prescribed by Army Records Management and Declassification Agency). *Army Regulation 350–1 Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC 18 December 2009 Effective 18 January 2010 Training Army Training and Leader Development History. This publication is a rapid action revision (RAR). This RAR is effective 20 September 2011. The portions affected by this RAR are listed in the summary of change. Summary. This regulation consolidates policy and guidance for Army training and leader development and supports a full-spectrum, force protection, expeditionary Army. Applicability. This regulation applies to the active Army, the Army......

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Management Theory as It Pertains to a Soldier foundations having been established the Army may not exist as we know and understand it today. Leaders must not only understand these theories but know themselves, their responsibility and their soldiers to fully incorporate these theories while evolving with the times and changes in the working environment. Our reading material states that in the late 1800”s “Henri Foyal was one on the most influential contributors to modern concepts of management, having proposed that there are five primary functions of management: (1) planning, (2) organizing, (3) commanding, (4) coordinating, and (5) controlling” (Carpenter, Bauer & Erdogan, 2013, p. 68). This is also relative to the P-O-L-C framework which has survived the test of time and is used in business 125 years later. This basis is the foundation for running a successful profitable business. With that being said, managers must take this model and use it with innovation and creativity. The P-O-L-C does not only have success in the civilian business world but also in the military. I have now served for a total of 25 years and have been promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant/1st Sergeant. This is the same rank; the title just has different responsibilities. Growing up in the military and advancing through each rank I had to prove myself to the leadership that I could plan, organize, lead and control those that I would be responsible for. If you want to be successful in the Army, you should always try to......

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