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Army Physical Fitness

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Physical Fitness, Why Does The Army Require It?
Physical readiness is the ability to meet the physical demands of any combat or duty position, accomplish the mission and continue to fight and win. Physical readiness training (PRT) provides the physical component that contributes to tactical and technical competence, and forms the physical foundation for all training. To march long distances in fighting load through rugged country and to fight effectively upon arriving at the area of combat; to drive fast-moving tanks and motor vehicles over rough terrain; to assault and run and crawl for long distances; to jump in and out of craters, and trenches, and over obstacles; to lift and carry heavy objects; to keep going for many hours without sleep or rest—all these activities of warfare and many others require superb physical conditioning. All Army training is based on the principle “Train as you will fight.” Therefore, the primary focus of PRT goes far beyond preparation for the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). Soldiers improve their physical readiness capabilities through PRT. For Soldiers to achieve the desired standard of physical readiness, every unit training program must include a well-conceived plan of PRT. Training must be both realistic and performance-oriented to ensure physical readiness to meet mission requirements. Army PRT should be tough, realistic and physically challenging, yet safe in its execution. The objective is to develop Soldiers’ physical capabilities to perform their duty assignments and combat roles. Army PRT incorporates those types of training activities that directly support war-fighting tasks within full spectrum operations. PRT activities include such fundamental skills as climbing, crawling, jumping, landing and sprinting, because all contribute to success in the more complex skills of obstacle negotiation, combatives and military...

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