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Army Wife

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“Stop-loss is a policy that permit the military, during times of war, to “halt voluntary separations and retirements” and redeploy soldiers for additional tours of active duty once their initial terms of enlistment are through” (army wife, 2008 para 1). When using Ethos or her creditability she places herself in the blog she gives very fine examples of what she has been through. This gives us some feeling on someone who goes through this very situation. She explains how she was in the same situation and also what she knows about the stop-loss policy. Pathos her emotions or feelings on this subject are also very well noticed especially when using words like whole-heartedly and where she states she does not feel sorry for the others that are being stop-loosed because this will get her husband home sooner. Logos it really draws you into her feelings. It really makes you put yourself in her shoes and actually feel what she going though personally and, understand why she feels this stop-loss policy is very much fair. When using Ethos, Pathos, and Logos she used all three well enough to persuasive the reader. The army wife husband was stop-lossed the day her husband took command of his unit it was agreed that he would not leave until after the deployment. “The deployment has been pushed back 3 times now and so he remains with his unit” (army wife, 2008 para 14). This is where he remains until the people in charge over him saids otherwise. “However, as most military families will tell you, the military is not the real world nor has it always been fair” (army wife, 2008 para 5). In that direct quote she’s talking about how a lot family believes that when joining the military it is the real world for that very reason it should be fair, but many people believe the stop-loss is unfair. In the following sentence she explains that she had been married to a soldier for only...

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