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Arranged Engagement

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An arranged marriage is a marriage that is established before involving oneself in a lengthy courtship, and often involves the arrangement of someone other than the persons getting married sometime ,it is to some point a political alliance,a solidification of one’s family political and financial status . These marriages are relatively rare in our western hemisphere, but still numerous in the Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia. While a love marriage is more of a free choice when the unity of two people is strictly, your choice and no one can force you to marry against your will. This is the most common way for marriage which was developed mostly in the western countries such as the US . Depending on the upbringing of the individual, one will come to accept this union as a core foundation upon which you will build a family and within which the true values of our western society will reflect. But notice that this approach is soly a western approach based on the views and teaching of the Christian religion which our eastern counterparts will found for a lack of better term “too liberal”, where we have to chose our partners based on interests ,culture similarities,intellectual,political and social and religious views and or affiliations. Our western society comes to understand that arranged marriage does not have good outcomes and that most of the time the woman fell victim of pressure imposed on her to bore children and force to adhere to the principles and religions of her husband. That said there’s pros and cons in both sides of the aisles and

Arranged Marriages

Pros: In arranged marriages, the decision whether to get married with a particular individual is taken with the involvement of many people. The biggest benefit is that there is a conscious attempt to match the two families as well as the bride and groom on the parameters of social status,...

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