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Arranged Marriage in Vietnam

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Although Vietnam now has had a lot of changes in (on) all aspects of politics (politic), society, and economy, there are some bad customs that still exist (exists), such as arranged marriage (arranged married). In Vietnam, arranged marriages (arranged married) used to be very common in the past. With the changes (change) in (of) the society, arranged marriage (arranged married) is now irrelevant and not appropriate to (with) modern life (live). That tradition should be ended in Vietnam for (by) many reasons (causes), such as social injustice and negative results (result) of arranged marriages (arranged married) in the past.
Arranged marriages are a social injustice. With arranged marriages (arranged married), the Vietnamese cannot choose their partner because they don’t have their human rights to decide. In the past, most marriages (married) in Vietnam were (was) arranged and set up by parents instead of by young people. Parents searched for people whom they thought were comparative for their sons or daughters based on their background or wealth. For example, the rich families didn’t want their children to get married with the poor. The young people had to accept those weddings (wedding) even though they didn’t want them (it). Arranged marriages were basically an agreement between two families rather than two young people. About 50 years ago, most marriages were (was) hold between two people who hadn’t even known each other before. Nowadays, society is based on freedom and individuality. Vietnamese have rights to make their own choices and speak their own minds. A marriage should be between two people who love each other by choice, so arranged marriages are now irrelevant. Arranged marriages (married) are (is) a depraved custom and social injustice and no longer appropriate to the Vietnam’s modern society today. That is the reason (reasons) why arranged marriages...

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