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Arrogance In The Elephant Man

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Throughout literature, there are characters, through their own pride and ambition, that eventually cause their own failure. Hubris, first coined by the Ancient Greeks, is defined as, extreme pride and arrogance shown by a character that ultimately brings about his downfall" (Literary). This character flaw can be used to analyze works, and the characters within them. One such example is within The Elephant Man, a character named Treves. Through his own strivings for accomplishments, he not only leads the protagonist Merrick, down a disappointing path, but also harms his place in society and Merrick's as well. Treves is first made aware of Merrick, when he is hired by the London Hospital. Treves, full of confidence, is assigned Merrick, a horribly disfigured man, in hopes of treating him, or helping him integrate into society. This is when Treves' hubris becomes a driving force for his actions. Treves is warned by Gomm, his superior to count his blessing, and offers his apologies for what his task will do to his life. However Treves is filled with hubris, and declares," A scientist in an age of science. In an English Age, an Englishman. A …show more content…
Porter and Snork, two men helping Treves, insult Merrick albeit unintentionally and Treves reacts as his previous boasting would suggest. "Well, it is infuriating. When you are told a thing, you must listen. I won't have you gaping in on my patients. Kindly remember that" (23). Once again, it is Treves' inflated sense of position and importance that cause the two men to get fired, and more importantly, affect Merrick's view of himself. As noted by Doctor Metzger, "John Merrick lived his last four years in the hospital, a man ennobled by his suffering--never bitter, always forgiving" (Overview). Merrick, before Treves entered his life with his ambitions, wanted for little, and was content with what he

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...Web  Video  Texts  Audio  Projects  About  Account  TVNews  OpenLibrary | | | | Home | American Libraries | Canadian Libraries | Universal Library | Community Texts | Project Gutenberg | Children's Library | Biodiversity Heritage Library | Additional Collections | Search:    Advanced Search | Anonymous User (login or join us) | Upload | Full text of "Natya Shastra of Bharata Muni Volume 1"THE NATYASASTRA A Treatise on Hindu Dramaturgy and Histrionics Ascribed to B ii A R A T A - M r X I Vol. I. ( Chapters I-XXVII ) Completely translated jor the jirst tune from the original Sanskrit tuttri «u Introduction and Various Notes M .U'OMOH A N liHOS H M.A., Pn. I). <OaU 2 Viu i95y CALCUTTA THE RoyiL ISIAJtC SOCIETY OF BENGAL Dedicated to the memory of thom great scholars of India. and the West mho by their indefatigable study and. ingenious interpretation of her Religion, Philosophy, Literature and Arts, have demon- strated the high ealiie of India- s culture to the World at large and ham helped her towa.nls a reawakening and political alteration., and who by their discovery of the Universal aspect of this culture have made patent India's spiritual kinship with the other ancient nations of the World and ham paved the way for an ultimate triumph of Internationalism. PREFACE The preparation 'of an annotated English translation of the Natya&stra......

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