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Arroyo Fresco Case Study

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Team 5 Bernadette Freeman
Kelly Krider
Leah Saaka
•1. How will you determine how the work/tasks will be distributed/shared among the group?
All team members will determine the specific tasks to be completed. Each Team member will then pick a task based on his or her strengths and experiences. If a team member is uncomfortable with his or her task, we will offer some guidelines to make him/her comfortable
•2. How will you match individual strengths/weaknesses to the tasks?
The team will first determine each member’s strengths and weaknesses as related to the tasks. Each person will choose to focus on his or her strengths. Team members will supplement the weaknesses of other if need be to ensure a balance.
• 3. How will you select a leader for the group?
Any person can volunteer to be a team leader. The team will however agree whether to let the person be a leader or not.
• 4. What authority is vested in the leader and the group?
The team leader will ensure that the team is on track. As a team, other team members will also check on each other to ensure that the work is been done.
• 5. How will you handle nonperformance or non-participation of a group member should it occur?
A non-performance team member will be encouraged be team members by assisting him/her with any difficulties. We will encourage the person to seek our help anytime she/he needs it. If after all the support the team member just proves stubborn, we shall let the team member know and report to the Professor.
• 6. How will you handle disagreements, conflict and negotiation should it occur?
We will come to an agreement by voting. If the voting doesn’t work, we will let the instructor know.
What challenges do you anticipate?
Delays from some team members.
• 7. What “people/team/professional skills” are expected of the group members? E.g. be on time, attend all meetings/conferences.
Every team member needs to be on time, participate, support, give input and share knowledge.
• 8. How will you gain consensus of the team paper form/content/conclusions before it is to be submitted? If consensus is not evident, how will you reconcile the format and content of the final paper?
We shall all read thoroughly to understand and agree or disagree with reasons. If a team member opposes an idea and a majority of other team members support it, we side with him or her. If no one or a fewer people supports an idea, then we reject it.
• 9. Will you have a final editor? Who will be responsible for assuring that all facets of Blooms critical thinking, spelling, grammar etc. are clearly evident and demonstrated in the paper?
We will choose a lead editor, one person will serve as a backup and we will all read to ensure that the editing is complete.
• 10. How will time management be handled?
We will manage time by ensuring that all tasks have deadlines and we go by the deadlines. The team leader as well as group members will notify members who do not follow deadlines.

Power point Presentation/Paper
*Knowledge and Comprehension-------Kelly
*Synthesis and evaluation----------------Kelly, Leah and Bernadette Tasks | Number of pages and slides | By | Backup | 1st Draft Deadline | Final portions | Updated project plan | Not specified | Leah | Kelly | 03/26/14 | 03/29/14 | Abstract | 0.5 | Kelly | Leah | 04/10/14 | 04/12/14 | Discussion of new strategy, Research support for the strategy, Knowledge of best practices in reorganization | 1.5 (2-3 slides) | Kelly | Leah | 4/10/14 | 4/12/14 | Analysis of new organization, if needed, supported by research completed along with examples of the pros and cons | 1.5 (2-3slides) | Leah | Bernadette | 4/10/14 | 4/12/14 | Description of how strategy will be executed and measured including financing. Revenue and expense. How will you pay for the changes you recommend? This is a critical part of the exercise | 1.5 (2-3slides) | Bernadette | Kelly | 4/10/14 | 4/12/14 | Specific goals/recommendations for the future, New and unique ideas or research supported rationale for continuing or changing current practices | 1.5 (2-3 slides) | Kelly, Leah, Bernadette(Written By Leah) | Kelly | 4/10/14 | 4/12/14 | Conclusion | 0.5 | Bernadette | Leah | 4/12/14 | 4/14/14 |

Roles | By | Back up | Due Date | Compile and edit Word Doc | Bernadette | Leah | 4/14/14 | Compile and edit PPT Edit | Kelly | Bernadette | 4/14/13 | Writes Synthesis and Evaluation | Leah | Kelly | 4/10/10 | Review edits and Turnitin submission | Leah | Kelly | 4/15/14 | Final edit and conference posting | Kelly | Leah | 04/20/14 |

Group Meetings | Topic (s) | Next topic | Date | From | To | 1 | Identification of issues and strategy | Overview of strategy implementation and financing | 03/23/14 | 6:00pm | 8:00pm | 2 | Discussion of strategy implementation and financing | Updated project plan | 03/25/14 | 4:00pm | 6:00pm | 3 | Recommendations for future and unique idea | Updated project plan | 03/27/14 | 6:00pm or | 7:00pm | 4 | Discuss First drafts | | 04/08/14 | 6:00pm | 7:00pm |

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