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Art and Music History

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Art may come in the form of painting, music, theater, cinema, dance and sculpture. Art is not limited to these categories, but these are the most common. As a child, my first exposure to art was in the form of music. Growing up in Western Kentucky, bluegrass played a large part of my life. My grandfather taught me to play the banjo and guitar starting at the age of 4. I first experienced painting in elementary school beginning in the 1st grade. Cinema has always been a part of my life, but I had not considered it art until I was able to properly define it. I experienced dance in high school while taking an elective ballroom dancing course for a semester. I have experienced theater, but not enough to form an opinion about it. Lastly, sculpture had a small influence when I briefly experimented with it in high school art classes.
The most valuable and influential form of art to myself is music. Music has always been a large part of my life. In total, I play 5 instruments. Guitar is the primary instrument I choose to play. My grandfather taught me as a child and I have continued to play every day for many years. I began to perform at a young age in churches and community functions. Later, in high school I started a band with a few other local musicians and we played together for about 4 years. Currently I am in a band composed of all military members; we often play in different small venues in Las Vegas, Nevada. Without music, I would not fell like a complete person. It has played such a huge role in my upbrining. Cinema is the next most important form that influences me. Cinema has also played a large role in my life. I have a large collection of movies and consider myself a movie buff when it comes to quotes and information about each film. I enjoy the entertainment value that cinema brings to the table, as well as many others do. I know look for the artistic value as…...

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