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-African Before 1800 and The Islamic World
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Leonardo da Vinci has helped us make modern inventions. Leonardo da Vinci has helped us create modern inventions that we have and are using today. Leonardo has made a new type of catapult that we have modernized into cannons, and then to guns. He was also famous for his human flying machine that was then made into planes. Da Vinci thought it would be nice if we could fly around. His idea was then thought of for planes and hang gliders. He has then made tools to then help us with our modern life. He figured out how to make wheels. Wheels are what we have on many contraptions to help with transportation. Leonardo da Vinci has help make modern life a whole lot easier (“Italian Renaissance”)..

Leonardo da Vinci taught artists how to use dark colors and light colors to bring out the actual art. Leonardo da Vinci was most famous for his art. Leonardo was most famous in the Renaissance where art was more focused on humanism and nature. Da Vinci used different colors from the Earth to put into his paintings. The colors that Leonardo used were Earthy colors. The Earthy colors help bring out his paintings in different shades. Humanism was huge in the Renaissance. In the 14th century humanism was the thing to focus on. Between humanism and nature everyone had plenty to say. Da Vinci was the type of guy to use nature and humanism in his art(“Renaissance”)..

Between art and his inventions Leonardo da Vinci has taught us a lot about humanism. Da Vinci has taught us that humanism isn’t just beliefs it’s a way of life. He has made it so we know what kind of beliefs people had in the 14th century. Leonardo’s paintings and inventions have been based on humanism. Da Vinci found inspiration in humanism. He found...

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