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Museum of Art, Ft. Lauderdale

Carlos Luna

Arbol Grande, Guajiro Yo

Oil on canvas


180 x 200 cm/ 71 x 79 in

Collection of the Artist

The painting “Arbol Grande, Guajiro Yo” has a tree painted in the middle. The tree has

many colorful leaves. There is a man sitting beneath the tree, who is smoking a cigar.

Apparently, because of the smoking his doing, he is surrounded by a cloud of smoke. The man is

wearing a hat and has a mustache on his face. Also, there are flowers on the bottom of the

painting, this is the ground of the picture.

The painting has many colors; for example, the leaves of the tree are green, yellow,

orange, blue, and red, with an outline of black. The painting has a mixture of primary and

secondary colors. The negative space of the painting has a lot of warm colors. The shapes in this

painting is very organic. The whole scenery is very organic, because of the leave shapes and

tree trunk shape. Also, the flowers at the bottom are organically shaped. The texture of the

painting is an actual texture, very smooth as it looks. The tree trunk has gesture lines going

down towards the end of the tree.

There is a sense of repetition in the painting; the leaves on the tree are repeated in the

same even way in each of the branches. The focal point of the painting is the tree. Last, The tree

it is symmetrical, but the painting is really asymmetrical.

I believe the artist is just trying to emphasize his love for the country side of Cuba. In the

title of the painting, he states that he is a peasant from the country. Cuba is known for their

cigars, so it’s not unusual to see older Cuban men smoking. The smoking in the painting just

shows how Cuban he might probably is. The tree could mean the tree of knowledge or something

like that; because the guy in the painting seems to be just relaxing and smoking under the tree.

I think this painting is very colorful and pretty in a weird way. I would actually have this

painting in my house, maybe in a bright living room. It’s sort of something typical from my

parent’s country, which is sort of heartwarming in some manner. My parents are from El

Salvador which isn’t an island like Cuba, but the painting shows a landscape of the country side

of someplace.

Museum of Art, Ft. Lauderdale

Martin Johnson Heade

Apple Blossom and Hummingbird


Oil on Board

Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy
The painting “Apple Blossom and Hummingbird” is a piece on a landscape. In this

painting there are many plants and trees surrounding it. There is a bird on one of the branches of

a tree. The bird is of a green and red color. The tree that the bird is standing on is the main one in

the painting, because it’s right at the middle of the painting. There are also flowers all around the

scenery and all of them are pink, including the ones on the main tree. The sky surrounding the

trees is very grey, and very dark.

This painting is very organic, because there is nothing but plants in it. All the plants are

shaped organically. This whole painting is based on nature, with all the trees and flowers. Since

this is a landscape painting it gives a sense of atmospheric hazing. Also, it gives a perceptive that

the Apple Blossom trees continue continuously throughout and beyond the picture. The shading

in this picture is both dark and light. For example, the sky is very dark and gives an aura of

darkness to the landscape. But the main apple blossom tree is very glowy and makes it seem like

it’s shining, giving it a light look. The sky in this painting is very achromatic.
The painting has repetition of the apple blossom trees all around the scenery. Also, the

emphasis area is the main branch of one of the apple blossom tree, which has the hummingbird

standing on it. Last, the painting has the principle of unity, it all belongs together. The trees, the

sky, even the bird it all has a sense of union.

Just by looking at this painting, I can tell that the artist was a nature lover. The whole

painting and its landscape is very well painted, very realistic. He must have seen this scenery and

the hummingbird and just fell in love with it and decided to paint the landscape. I believe the

artist was trying to make a tribute to nature, and how beautiful it is. The many apple blossoms all

around the painting shows and emphasizes the nature of the painting. The celebration of nature is

very meaningful in this painting.

I liked this painting very much. It’s the first painting that really caught my eyes when I

walked into the gallery, not only because it’s so beautiful and peaceful to look at. But because I

love cherry blossoms and in this painting there are apple blossoms which are similar to them.

When I look at this work of art, it gives me a sense of the 1800s, when there wasn’t so much

population like now. This painting doesn’t have that fast life, of big tall cities with tons of cars

and pollution. But a life in the times when ladies dressed with the nice big gowns and the men

were gentlemen, and you could easily walk into a field of apple blossoms. I do think that this

painting is precious, and it is a successful piece of art.

Claudia Quintanilla Art Appreciation Paper 1 Thurs 6:30- 9:20

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