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Journal 3
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Journal 3
Many people hear of Muslim and automatically reflect back to September 11, 2001. As the entire world lay sleeping, just waking up or beginning their commute Muslim was being branded in our memories. Unfortunately, it was the negative Muslim images. Our twin towers were brought to the ground as thousands men, women, and children plunged to their deaths becoming ashes and debris.
Most Americans now though some is unwarranted become fearful to befriend someone from the Muslim culture because they have branded the people as w whole a terrorist. Now I know the entire religion is not responsible for a few nuts jobs. The vast majority however, do not feel this way. Just as Muslim blame every Christian for what has offended them; we condemn Muslim the same way.
With all the chaos surrounding there is true beauty. Even though a woman can not show her face or skin, there are artistic values to be appreciated. The pleasure garden is amazing. I find it a bit of peace on earth. I love the birds, flowers the gold. What is not to love?
I could imagine relaxing to some fine music and sipping on the best of wines. It also houses more artistic features. The art pieces found on the walls are those of religious nature with messages from the Qu’ran, which is the bible of the Muslim faith. The entire thing is basically a paradise on earth.
It is so amazing how much peple could do with so little. Art is everywhere is Islam. It is found in homes, streets and even in the Mosques. Everything that is made is geometrically correct. For example the tile works in the Palace. Each tile is perfectly aligned giving a since of balance and order to the piece.

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