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Arts Education Art is important in education and can provide students with a great education. It can make a person unique in their own way. I had art in junior high and high school, and I learned a lot from my art classes. Art taught me valuable things, such as creativity and social skills. It helped build my skills up step by step. I always had fun in art education because it relaxed me and reduced stress. Art can help students before they take a test by relaxing them. I like drawing because it helps me be more focused. Many other people may think that art is not necessary in education but I think it can help students everywhere. I believe that art education is important because it improves academic performance, reduces tardiness or truancy, and helps students grow into creative ways.
Art education improves academic performance. Art can help students achieve better grades in their classes. Students improve test scores just by taking art classes. Art makes students unique intellectually and socially. “They develop skills and judgment they didn’t know they had, whether it is drumming in time or acquiring the knowledge to differentiate between Pavarotti and the tenor in the choir loft at the Sunday service” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan (as cited in Baker, 2012, p.257). By this he is saying that students will soon gain skills they didn’t know they had until they took art. The skills they develop will help them with other classes. They will be more focused on the work they need to get done in their classes.

Art education also teaches students teamwork which can help them work together in classes. For example, by working together students learn that they can get different viewpoints from the other classmates which broadness their success rate. Art gives the education which helps students score better in their other classes.
Art education reduces tardiness or truancy in students. Many students don’t show up or are late for school. Students are bored in the classes they have to take. I think having an art class can convince more kids to go to school. Students can relax and have fun in an art education class. When I was in art class I enjoyed every second of it. Art gave me the motivation to go to school to learn. For example, I was less active in high school. Art not only made me more active but gave me more energy to work in other classes. It’s a great class to inspire students to learn important things in school. “The arts are not only intrinsically and directly enjoyable, but they serve a purpose beyond themselves” (Baker, 2012, pg.262). This means that art may be fun but it also a great education which helps students come to school more. Students will have a good reason to stay in school by taking an art education class. Art education can help stop tardiness and truancy so that every student will stay in school.
Students can grow in creative ways. Students can be very creative in an art class. Art class builds character in students that gives them the strength to overcome anything in their way. Educator Viktor Lowenfeld of Pennsylvania State University said, “not the art itself or the

aesthetic product or the aesthetic experience but rather the child grows up more creatively and sensitively and applies his experience in the arts to whatever life situations may be applicable” (Baker, 2012, pg.262). By this he is saying that students in art education will learn creativity that can help with their situations later in life. Art helped me pick the career that was right for me. The career I picked was to be a graphic game designer which requires art skills. If it wasn’t for art education I would have never found the career that was right for me. Therefore, art gives us creative ideas that can help us find a great career.
Art provides students with a great education. Because of art education, students can perform better in their other classes. They can achieve the grades that benefit them. Students will show up more for school. Art is where students can enjoy their time without worrying about tests or quizzes. It’s the place where students can learn teamwork so they can get along with others. Art also teaches students to be creative. Being creative can show students that they can create a more enjoyable life, and respond to the world in better ways. Baker, B. (2012, March 16). Arts Education. CQ Researcher, 22, 253-276. Retrieved from


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