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After reviewing the background readings, it was very hard to choose one of the paintings or sculpture to write about. One of the paintings/sculptures that stood out to me was “Neptune Calming the Waves” sculpted by Adam Lambert-Sigisbert. Adam Lambert-Sigisbert is a French sculptor who was also known as Adam l’aine. He came from a family full of sculptors. His father was Jacob Sigisbert-Adam. He was born October 10th 1700. He spent ten years in Italy, That is where he was influenced by the art work of Bernini. In 1723, Adam Lambert-Sigisbert received the Prix de Rome for study at the French Academy in Rome. The Prix de Rome was a scholarship for art students, principally of painting, sculpture, and architecture. It was in Rome where Adam restored a disparate group of fragmentary Roman sculptures with much ability and baroque freedom of interpretation. In 1732, Adam was elected as a member of the Roman artists’ guild, the Accademia di San Luca. He was one of the sixteen sculptors and designers who submitted plans for the Trevi Fountain. His design for the fountain was unanimously accepted but repealed. Romans were against a foreigner to receive the commission. At the age of thirty-seven, Adam exhibited at the Paris Salon. The pose that Adam had Neptune positioned is very dynamic. He had him advancing forward toward the waves as his hair and beard are flowing through the wind. The way he captured the motion is impeccable. He is a flawless incarnation of the god of the sea. This is a classical sculpture infused with the baroque spirit. The why he has Neptune’s, body twisted shows Adams mastery of anatomy. Adam paid a great amount of attention to the details of this sculpture.

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