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2012-13 arts supplement
For Spring 2013 or Fall 2013 Enrollment
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Female Legal Name ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Male
Last/Family/Sur (Enter name exactly as it appears on official documents.) First/Given Middle (complete) Jr., etc.

Birth Date _______________ Social Security # _______________________________________ Decision Plan ______________________________________ mm/dd/yyyy (Optional)

Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Number & Street Apartment # City/Town State/Province Country Area Code ZIP/Postal Code

E-mail Address ______________________________________________________________ Phone (_____________) ________ _ _______________________ School you now attend ________________________________________________________ CEEB/ACT Code _____________________________________

Please indicate your area of interest and provide supplementary materials, as required. Music Theater Dance Film Visual Arts Art Studio ___________________________ Drawing _____________ _______________ _ Design ___________________________ Photography _______________________ Painting ____________________________ Other _____________________________ Instrument __________________________ World Music Tradition _____________ _____ _ Voice (part) ________________________ Songwriting _______________________ Composition ________________________ Other _____________________________

If you’ve made a substantial commitment of time and energy to one or more of the arts and you wish to have that considered as part of your application, please: Complete this form. Have an instructor who is familiar with your work send a letter of recommendation directly to the admission office, not to The Common Application offices. Enclose a 10-minute CD or DVD with this form that demonstrates contrasting examples of expression and technique. Please do not submit videotapes. List the contents of the CD or DVD below. Alternatively, you may provide a URL. If using a web service that shortens URL addresses, please be aware that it is possible your submission may not be reviewed before the shortened link expires. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______ Music Attach a résumé to this form that summarizes your experience with instrument(s), voice, and/or composition, giving years studied, name(s) of teacher(s) or group(s), repertoire, and awards/honors received. Theater and Dance Attach a résumé to this form that summarizes your experience, giving years studied, name(s) of teacher(s) or group(s), repertoire, special programs, and awards/ honors received. Visual Arts and Film Attach a résumé to this form that summarizes your experience, giving dates, institutions or programs, and awards/honors received. Include a brief description of each course or workshop attended, and describe any related experiences. No materials will be reviewed until all components of your portfolio arrive. Please send copies only; many schools do not return supplementary materials. Signature _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date _____________________ mm/dd/yyyy ©

2012 The Common Application, Inc.

AR-1/ 2012-13

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