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Understanding Art
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Giacometti uses organic lines. As far as I can see the lines are very different and a lot of the time the lines are more repeated and may I use the word scribbled on rather than clean strait and perfect. The lines he uses are often undefined and show more of a silhouette rather than a clear picture. It is not a complete blur though.
Often times they are easy to decipher and you can see the picture he is creating even with the lines being how they are. I would say that his paintings are Bas- relief. I believe this because he often uses symmetrical and more rounded shapes than common shapes like squares and rectangles. He tends to be what I like to call a freehand artist (probably not an accurate term.) He tends to draw using more unusual lines and shapes. He doesn’t play by the books. Something I admire in his work. Foreground is shown throughout his works. You can see that the sculptures or the main “character” of the painting is usually placed ( or appears to be placed) towards the front more often than the back. He catches your eye to the main idea this way. The figures are distorted. They don’t have a real sense of balance or proportion. They tend to be formed how they want. The body’s on the figures for example are never really accurate to one another or too symmetrical obviously if there’s an arm on one side their tends to be on the other side but they may not always align or be doing the same thing.
In my opinion and from my point of view, no. He doesn’t have an equal or a rule book he follows. He does what he feels should be done and he leaves his representation of how it appears or should appear to him. He has his own ideas and isn’t afraid to follow them. The focal point in his painting is the figure sitting. He achieves this focal point by drawing smaller lines around it that draw your eye to the attention of the figure. Being in marching band for for years you learn something you didn’t always before. Certain things bring attention to the viewer. Like a line of bodies that fall like dominos to a group of dancers doing something important that follows the story line is similar to what artists do in their artwork. They use lines colors and placement in the picture to draw your eyes to the important focal point of the art work.
He draws your eye away from the outer edges. There are no lines its more of a blur that surrounds the lines that point to the lady sitting in the middle of the canvas. It was a great idea and by blurring it your eyes don’t tend to notice it. It keeps your eye focused on what the artist wanted it to.
His art appears to be more washed out. I believe he chose this style not only because it was different but because it leaves room for you to tell a story in your head and lets you choose what you want it to represent. Its like he gave his point but lets you make yours. Its not set in stone of what it has to be. I know when I paint or draw I want to let the view choose what they want to see. I have my opinions and what I want it to be but art to me should be what the viewer decides to be art.
Both art pieces were different although created by the same artist. They have similar styles though showing organic lines that were not easily depicted and not in proportion. I admire his work for the difference from other artists and the way that it is represented in his work. He has his own views and his own special talents and he shows that hes not afraid to break a few rules.

The lines used in the drawing are more organic. They have no straight lines or rules. They are sketched on the paper and then overlapped to show a sense of form and to create a more clear picture still not completely geometric in my opinion. The lines in the installation are clear and are clearly geometric. They are clean cut lines that show definition.
They did a very good job at transferring their idea from paper to a real life and 3d sculpture. It was clear to see that the idea and the installation were carefully looked at in part. Of course nothing is going to be perfect and exact. Movies based on books don’t always show every detail. It would take up to much time and you have to do what you think will attract the eyes of those who didn’t read the book as well. Who didn’t see the raw idea before it was made into something bigger.They show depth through shading and through using multiple lines to show that the lines were thick and stable that’s at least what I see.
I think they chose the color that they did because its bright and brings attention. You see orange and you would think caution or some sort if it were placed on the side of the road but they use that color for a reason. Its attention grabbing it takes your eye away from whatever else you are looking at and attracts it to that. A better choice would be a green or blue. They are calming colors and also bright. I don’t think it should be changed If I had to choose I would make it a soothing color for a relaxing walk through the gates.
The shadow from the gates form a sense of time the shadow falls and creates something like a sun dial. It creates a creative perspective. At least that’s my opinion on it. It is something that is not always used but a creative and original idea.
The multiples are their to show that the installation of the gates was meant to follow along the side walk. It was supposed to represent a more accurate image of the final product.
The focal point is the path that is travelled as you go through the gates. The repetitive image and sculpture attract your eye to follow where it leads to which in this case is to where you choose.

The art by both artists were very different. However the one that I admired most over all of them was definitely Giacometti. I loved how he never had any sort of precision to what he did. I am sure if he had made a mistake he could have left it and nobody would have noticed. His art was different and brought attention to each part by using undefined organic lines. I like that sketched look. To me that’s complex but simple and that’s what I love in art.

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