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Tiffany Tyler
World Culture I
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Assignment 3
December 08, 2011

The NC Art Museum The North Carolina Museum is very awesome I was very amazed by what I begin to see while entering in the museum. This museum has a lot of painting all from 1947 on up until now. It is not one painting that you can walk pass and keep walking by. You will have to stop and take a look and read up on what this painting is and how it got to this museum. The paintings are from all type of painters from every culture. Egyptian, Europe, Italian, and contemporary art is all over this museum. The Museum is actively building the collection with recent acquisitions, including a gift from the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation of 30 works by Auguste Rodin, making the NCMA the leading repository of this artist’s work in the southeastern United States. A promised gift of mid- to late-20th-century art from the collection of Jim and Mary Patton includes works by Jackie Ferrara, Adolph Gottlieb, Ellsworth Kelly, Per Kirkeby, David Park, and Sean Scully. Other new works include pieces by artists El Anatsui, Roxy Paine, Jaume Plensa, and Ursula von Rydingsvard.
The 164-acre Museum Park is home to more than a dozen monumental works of art, with artists actively involved in the restoration of the Park’s landscape and the integration of art into its natural systems.

This is an African painting called the Night Flight Dread and Delight

Top of Form

Bottom of Form
Night Flight of Dread and Delight
Date: 1964
Related People:
Artist: Skunder (Alexander) Boghossian
Ethiopian, 1937-2003, active in the United States 1970-2003
Dimensions: 56 5/8 x 62 5/8 in. (143.8 x 159.1 cm)
Medium: Oil on canvas with collage
This painting is very nice and one of my favorites.
This tells me that this painter put a lot of work into organizing his work and this meant a lot and made millions at the time back in Ethiopian.

The next painting that I really spent a lot time at was Triumph of Venice
I believe we went over this painting in our class, but if not it was so amazing what these people was going through at this time. They had to learn how to survive at anytime. This is one of my favorite of them all because, you actually can feel the pain of some people. This painting is very old and understandable.
Top of Form

Bottom of Form
The Triumph of Venice
Date: 1737 Related People:
Artist: Pompeo Girolamo Batoni
Italian, 1708-1787
Dimensions: 68 5/8 x 112 5/8 in. (174.3 x 286.1 cm)
Medium: Oil on canvas

I had never been to an Art Museum, but I was glad that we choose to go to one and I will be returning. The paintings are posted very nice and neat. You can read and follow everything that you want to know about the painting, you can also purchase some of the paintings on a little poster for a good price. This will definitely be another trip that I will be taking when I want to look at nice painting. I never thought of going to an art museum, but thanks to this class I really enjoyed it. I always thought that art wasn’t an interest to my eye, but I can relate with a lot of the art from the history. This was a learning experience for me and what I got out of it was never say you do not like something if you have never tried it. I can tell anyone this was not time wasted for me it was a great experience and I know more about the paintings than I did at first.

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