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Research Problem

Prostate Cancer is the most common among men in the United States. It is also the most diagnosed among African American. Many African American men tend to not know information about prostate cancer. The research problem is health literacy where patients do not understand the information that is given to them.

Research Purpose

The purpose of this formative study was to explore the implications of applying Nutbeam’s multidimensional health literacy framework to African American men’s understanding of Prostate Cancer information. (Corwin et al., 2009)

Literature Review

The literature review for this study included 25 year old African American men to 45 year old African American men in South Carolina. This study also included an experiment on how prostate cancer patients were involved in treatment decision making. This study the authors discuss the issue of health literacy. The article states that "in the context of the study, the problem is of greater concern since South Carolina ranks 49th of all the states in the number of ninth graders completing high school within 4 years" (Corwin 2009). The references for this article were current and ranged from 1957-2008, with majority of the references from the past 5 years. This article was published online on June 11, 2009 in the Journal of Community Health.


Corwin and colleagues uses D. Nutbeam's article "Health literacy as a public health goal: a challenge for contemporary health education and communication strategies into the 21st century", as a main source. According to Nutbeam the definition of health literacy is a composite term to describe a range of outcomes to health education and communication activities (Nutbeam, D. 2006). Corwin also used the definition from US Department of Health and Human Services and the…...

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