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Article Rebuttal Week 3 Bcom 275

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Article Rebuttal Week 3
BCOM 275

Article Rebuttal
Work policies or rules are good tools to run a business. At spouse’s workplace, there are two policies or systems that could not agree with. First work policy is with regard to “One mistake and you’re fired.” It is always been observe at work, and this intimidates the workers, especially the Flex, and Part time employees. I do understand of the importance of this kind of policy because this requires a very intense training, patience, and much of common sense, especially in the well-being of the children. Sometimes this policy is not the answer to fix the problem. Because of just a simple mistake, employees are laid off from work.
When new employee or someone becomes a “Ratio worker” he or she has to go background check, physical test, and enormous amount of training. In approximately two months, he or she can work with less supervision and considered as a ratio worker. With single mistake, a worker is sent home with no reassurance to return for work or he or she is fired. This I consider an inconsiderate or not reasonable to fire an employee just because of one mistake. The mistake should be weigh according to a degree of seriousness. No guideline or what basis why someone is fired just of a mistake. Everybody makes mistakes because no one is perfect. If the mistake posed a very serious offense it is understandable, but the mistake should serve as the reason for learning to solve the problem in case it arise again. The employee should have been given the chance to correct the mistake so it will not happen again, thus saving the employer many man hours of training and dollars for background checks.
Another policy or employment system that I could not agree with is the background check for the new applicant. Because the background check takes a long process and sometimes months to complete, the new applicant is allowed to work without the completion of background check. After an enormous amount of man-hours of training and dollars spent in processing the new employee’s papers, suddenly he or she is denied or refrained for work due to “failed” background check. This system or background check should have been completed or a complete screening before someone is allowed to work.

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