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Article Reviews in Consumer Compliance. a Critical Analysis of Research Design.

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The 2004 article by Dellande, Gilly and Graham called “Gaining Compliance and Losing Weight: The Role of the Service Provider in Health Care Services” aims to demonstrate that compliance leads to goal attainment, therefore increasing satisfaction. Their findings show that attitudinal homophily and expertise plays a role in defining the customer role clarity, ability and motivation.

The 2010 article by Kasabov and Warlow called “Towards a new model of customer compliance service provision” aims to identify and examine the practice of re-designing service failure recovery and complaint management. Their findings suggest that that the traditional “customer-centricity” model is being replaced by a “customer-compliance business model” of service provision.

The 2007 article by Dellande and Nyer called “Using Public Commitment to Gain Customer Compliance” aims to investigate the role of public commitment in gaining customer compliance in a long-term service when the customer is away from the provider. Their findings suggest that motivation is the key customer attribute in gaining compliance.

Critical Evaluation of Methodology Used

The research design used in Dellande, Gilly and Graham’s article is mentioned as being Cross-Sectional Design, which is defined by Bryman and Bell (2011) as a design which entails the collection of data on more than one case and at a single point in time in order to collect a body of quantifiable data in connection with the two or more variables, which are examined to detect patterns of association. Even though the article enlists several variables which are used to support the theory the research was conducted only at the weight-loss clinic “Lindora Comprehensive Weight Control”. Lindora’s website (2012) specifies that the weight management program is specific for their company, therefore implying that the results...

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