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Arts & Humanities Time Final Project

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HU300-01 Arts and Humanities
Final Project – Time Capsule

Final Project – Time Capsule Since the creation of time, man has been inventing creations to enhance and abet the living experience of human beings with hopes of making daily tasks (domestic or work) more manageable while exerting less physical effort or for safety measures. This time capsule has been written to share with future generations some of the creations that were made near the end of the 20th Century and the beginning of 21st, to afford a propitious soul with a better understanding how life was 100 years prior to what it might be when this letter can be read. As you read this, I will illustrate my personal daily tasks as they exist now, discuss current morale and decision-making, my definition of happiness, Langston Hughes’ Mother to Son, the architect – Aguas de Barcelona, Human by Brandy, the movie John Q, and the significance of airbags in automobiles. Concluding this time capsule, you will have learned more on how we lived in the late 20th and early 21st Centuries and possibly how some of our inventions may help to inspire some future inventions. Due to the recent economic crisis, America is experiencing a recession that is slow to recover. Because of the recession, the jobless rate has reached a 10.1 percent high (Chandra, 2011). I unfortunately am one of those workers whom were laid off. Therefore, I am taking this time now to focus on attending school full-time and getting a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. I currently receive unemployment which means that my income has been reduced almost to half as when I was working. With my faith and trust in God I have been able to sustain my lifestyle with some minor adjustments to my spending habits. Now that I am on a more restricted income, my daily tasks include only things I need to do in order to control…...

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