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Artsinfluences of Hengshui Dialect on Englishpronunciation Learningcandidate


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AbstractIAbstractPronunciation learning is very important in second language acquisition.However,thebasic knowledge of phonetics has been ignored.Pupils in Hebei province begin to learnEnglish in grade three in the primary school.But there is no systematic knowledge ofphonetics in the textbooks.Phonetics learning needs not only the phonics imitation method,but also the basic knowledge about phonetics.However,with the influence of quality-orientededucation and the western language teaching mode,pronunciation teaching in China tends touse the imitation method and the basic knowledge of phonetics is undervalued.It is worth tonotice that English acquisition environment for Chinese students is different from the West.First,English teachers in China are mostly Chinese.Even if there are foreign teachers,theforeigners teaching force is relatively weak.Second,the language surrounding to the studentsis mainly in Chinese.And students in the oral English class are not active to participate andinteract.Moreover,English belongs to Indo-European language system,while Chinesebelongs to Sino-Tibetan language system.They belong to different language families andthere are many differences in tone,syllable and phoneme.Thus the negative influence ofChinese on the English acquisition is great.Without any basic knowledge of phonetics,thelearners will meet lots of difficulties when they learn a new language which is quite differentfrom their mother tongue.Therefore,the Chinese phonetic teaching only relying on theimitation phonics method is premature.This study aims at the practical problems in phonetics teaching.And the basic currentsituation of English phonetics teaching in Hengshui is summed up by the way of surveys,questionnaires,interviews,statistics analysis,etc.According to the survey results,this thesisanalyzes the reasons for bad English pronunciation habits and puts forward some

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