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Arturo Trejo Arturo Trejo, aka “Turtle”, was born a Taurus on April 26, 1998. He was born in Long Beach, California, but moved to Compton by the age of 3. Arturo has many hobbies he enjoys spending his time doing, a loving and supportive family, and goals he hopes to accomplish before the end of his life. Arturo’s hobbies are a very important part of his life. First of all, he enjoys playing instruments. A couple of his favorites to play include the Trumpet and the Euphonium. He likes the Trumpet because of its strong, in your face sound but he likes the Euphonium for its melodic and harmonious sound. Secondly, along with his passion for music, he loves listening to it. His most-listened-to genres are Reggae and The Golden Oldies. His favorite musician of Reggae is Bob Marley for his message of love and peace while his favorite of Golden Oldies is Smokey Robinson because of his emotional and romantic way of making music. Lastly and most importantly, he finds joy in helping other people. He wishes to help others through any of their external stresses along with interpersonal struggles. He does this because he knows what it is like to not have anybody around to help. …show more content…
First, he wants to get out of Arkansas. He wants to move somewhere with stable weather patterns, preferably somewhere on the west coast. Next, He wants to start Non-Profit and/or Charity Organizations. He wishes most to help feed hungry, poverty-stricken children. “Children are the future” he says. He is right in saying this and how are the children going to bring forth a brighter future if they cannot even eat? Along with this, he wishes to feed the homeless. Finally, and most dear to him, he wants to leave an impact on the world. Reflecting his music tastes, he wishes to help spread a message of peace, love, and understanding. He hopes to help us in reaching a world full of open-minded and compassionate

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