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AQA AS Business Studies

Unit1 (BUSS1)
Course Companion

AQA AS Business Studies Unit 1 (BUSS1) Course Companion Publishers Information AQA AS Business Studies Unit 1 Course Companion 1st Edition August 2008 Author: Jim Riley © Tutor2u Limited All Rights Reserved No part of this material may be reproduced in whole or in part without the express written permission of Tutor2u Limited. This publication is not endorsed or approved by AQA.

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AQA AS Business Studies Unit 1 (BUSS1) Course Companion

Introduction to AQA AS Business Unit 1 .....................................................................6 Section 1: Starting a Business ......................................................................................7 Enterprise and Entrepreneurs .......................................................................................8
Introduction ......................................................................................................................................... 8 Entrepreneurs ..................................................................................................................................... 9 Motives for starting a business ........................................................................................................... 9 Downsides of starting a business ..................................................................................................... 10 Risk and reward ................................................................................................................................ 10 Opportunity cost…...

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