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A barrier is a circumstance or obstacle that keeps things or people apart or prevents effective communication or progress. For example in IT a barrier that could affect progress could be music playing in the background or listening to music whilst you’re trying to work. Another example could be television playing in the background. If you were trying to work at home there could be a lot of noise, conversation, distraction etc… This would prevent you from work progression. To reduce the risk of this barrier you could find a quiet place to work, eliminate distractions and ask to not be disturbed.

Lack of concentration
Lack of concentration is when someone has very little or no concentration towards something. Possible things that can cause a lack of concentration could be a person’s lack of interest in the conversation he/she are having. People can also be easily distracted by technology or background noise of any sort. Lack of concentration could prevent people from communication effectively as it would distract their attention to something else therefore he/she would of either missed vital information or overall not understood what the conversation, this would be bad in a work place because if someone was giving you a piece of work you had to complete for a specific deadline and you were not paying attention you would not understand what you had to do or miss when the deadline was leading you to not complete your work which will get you in trouble with your boss. To reduce this bar you could turn any technology around you off and have the conversation in a quiet place away from distraction and noise.
General communication skills Terminology
General communication skills Terminology is the vocabulary of technical terms used in a particular field. Employees need to be trained to know all the correct terminology for their job so they will be able to do…...

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