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Evaluation The brief I chose to work with for my coursework was Brief 2, which stated that I was to create a new lifestyle programme for the company Synopticity Productions. I chose to produce a two-minute segment from a television magazine programme that focuses on a lifestyle issue which in this case is fashion and beauty, and a front-page cover with additional two pages for a specialist magazine, to encourage the hype for the upcoming programme. For my broadcasting piece, I planned to create a review of a lifestyle related event, which will be a fashion show for the summer season. Therefore, I created a review called ‘Poise Summer Fashion Show 2014 Review.’ The basic idea for this moving image piece is to resemble similar codes and conventions to that of a reality television programme or event such as Project Runway and the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, in which the actors in this piece are continuously filmed, as it is designed to be entertaining rather than informative. The primary target audience for the fashion show review is initially targeted on a strong niche group of females between the ages of 16-35 years, who will most likely have a strong interest in high-fashion. However, as this moving image piece includes both genders, male audiences may also have an interest in it. Therefore, in order to appeal to our secondary audience, we try and balance this by incorporating the use of interviews of both male and female models involved. I combined various video effects throughout the moving image piece. The video immediately began in a linear narrative, where shots of Singapore’s city buildings were shown, as well as short clips of models walking on a runway, as initially planned. This provides the audience with a sense of gratification as they feel the sense of escapism as though they are witnessing the fashion show themselves. I have also modified the saturation, lighting, and exposure of the scenes. Also the bright colours establish a context of the modern fashion and trendy culture, additionally with the help of the upbeat background music. The video also includes short interviews of the models and their messages to their fans. As for the majority of edits and transitions, I used quick cuts, such as those in the establishing scene up until the interviews of the models. The transitions used in the video is used to show the continuity between the scenes, along with the fast-paced diegetic sound to hasten the pace of the scenes, which helps to create a sense of excitement that will hook the audience from the establishing scene. To appeal to our target audience, we created a set up similar to that of a runway for the summer season by choosing an appropriate alternative location, by using female and male models of ages 16 years and above, in order for audiences to associate themselves to them, the music used in the editing and the fast moving shots. There are many ideological values promoted through the media in which the company will produce in relation to a fashion show. A fashion show masquerades as a programme usually supporting feminism in the form of successful and beautiful women. However, in this case, males are an exception, as the fashion-show review I produced conveys specific values that concern modern men and women and their roles in society, where the conventional idea is that both genders have equal power in the fashion industry. I have broadcasted this programme with potential meanings and focus this meaningfulness into a more preferred reading that performs a dominant ideology to its target audience. I have also created a front cover for Glamour magazine, which includes a double-page spread for celebrity articles/interviews. Before I created the magazine, I looked and analyzed fashion magazines such as ‘Glamour’ and ‘Elle’ as they are mainstream fashion magazines. Based on my research, I have found that the target audience of Glamour magazine is typically readers aged between 18 to 49 years, whose interest are mainly fashion, health and beauty. The front cover of my magazine follows the house style which has the usual codes and conventions as it includes a masthead “Glamour” which is bolded and stands out, a central image which is most dominant on the page, anchorage text that associates with the central image and a few different subheadings which gives more information as to what is featured in the magazine. The central image is an image of one of the models featured in the fashion show review. The language and typography I have used is suitable for the age range that my target audience is. I have incorporated conventions of femininity by using a colour scheme of mainly pink, with blue and black. The front cover is designed to attract an audience to a sophisticated and formal idea that would require maturity and a strong interest in their lifestyle. As a link between three platforms, I have included the web page address of Glamour magazine beneath the masthead that would help to cross-promote the different platforms. The strength of this piece was that I have carried out the design of the front cover as initially planned; however it would have been useful to photograph the main image with a clear white background to follow the house style of Glamour magazine. I have also produced a double-page spread that includes an article concentrated on the model and her role in the fashion industry. Again, based on the uses and gratification theory, this gives the audience a sense of gratification as they feel the sense of social interaction and information as they gaining an insight into circumstances of the model whilst satisfying their general interest in the fashion industry. When creating my magazine design, I used Adobe Photoshop, at first getting used to the software was time consuming but once I had practiced I became more skilled. I imported my images onto the programme and then layered all my content around the image, changing the font and colours in accordance to strengthen my genre that is fashion. Due to the advancement in technology, the media depends on E-media to produce and transmit the information they create. This is a disadvantage for print media as they have to adapt to the changing behaviour of media as most print issues have converted online to help increase interactivity between a wider range of audiences. However, if I were to have done an e-media piece, I would have created pages from the lifestyle section of an existing magazine’s website ( to demonstrate how my programme could be promoted in other media products to increase the current elite and dedicated fan base. The pages I would have created would deal with my lifestyle topic of fashion and beauty, and include some aspect of promotion for my programme. The page would display recent news articles in the fashion industry in the “News & Opinion” column, and collate features of the typical magazine site together, such as online shopping and monthly magazine subscriptions, as this would increase interactivity and brand loyalty amongst the audiences. The layout of the web page would be very similar to that of the homepage, which follows a specific colour scheme of white, black, blue and pink, and a very simplistic layout design. During the process of producing the broadcast and print pieces, I came across various difficulties that prevented me from carrying out what I initially planned to do for these two platforms. One example is for the broadcast piece in which the initial location was on a beach, where I planned to decorate a runway with colourful decorations. It was difficult to produce this due to the time management and insufficient props needed, which shows that careful planning of filming is needed beforehand. Another issue would be for the print piece in which the initially plan for the two-page spread would include articles, photos from the fashion show and feedback from the ‘guests’ at the fashion show as well as potential viewers of what they thought of our review of the event. However, as I did not take photos nor collected any feedback from people during production of the fashion show review piece, I created an article focusing on a model which had a relation to the fashion show preview.

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